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Future Physician Training

Created in Articulate Rise

The first of a series of nine eLearning modules created for the American Medical Association to teach medical students how to benefit from medical coaching. This module can be accessed free using your Google account.

Procore Training Module

Created in Articulate Storyline

An eLearning module created for Weekes Construction to train superintendents to use Procore project management software. The module interface mimics the iPad superintendents use on the job. Components were created and edited in Camtasia and Photoshop.

Just-in-Time Learning

Created in Camtasia

A series of three short YouTube "how to" videos on using PowerPoint templates and animation. An example of just-in-time learning targeted at beginning MS Office users.


Kirkpatrick's Training Evaluation

An evaluation of a training course on using personal protective equipment for on-the-job safety conducted according to Kirkpatrick's Four Levels of Training Evaluation

Instructor-Led Workshop

A one-hour instructor-led workshop for small business owners on creating an invoice in Excel. Includes a gap analysis and learner analysis, as well as the documents used by the instructor to facilitate the workshop.

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